Event & Conference

30 March (Day 1)

Baby clothing pavilion

Venue: Conference Center Hall 18 CC205, 2nd Floor 

Attendees: Manufacturers, Retailers, E-tailers, Cross border Enterprise representatives, Media and more


Venue: Conference Room 13ABC, 2nd Floor

Attendees: Baby products enterprise, Baby Retailers and sales channel representatives, Media and more


How original IP brands can take advantage in this thriving Guochao trend (Guochao: the rise of domestic brands in China, and also the resurgence of traditional style and cultural elements in recent years)

Venue: Conference Room 14AB, 2nd Floor

Attendees: Animation enterprise, IP agents, toy enterprise, baby products enterprise, educational supplies enterprise

Live broadcast available

31 March (Day 2)


Venue: Conference Center Hall 18 CC204, 2nd Floor

Attendees: Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, E-tailers, Cross border representatives, Shopping Malls & Departments, Media and more